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Tech and the Tempest: Some Brief Thoughts

I was pleased to come across Gregory Doran’s remarks about The Tempest, which will be staged at the RSC in the summer with a “digital” Ariel (/Aerial?).  Doran points out the influence of court spectacle on Shakespeare, noting that early modern “masques” were the multi-media events of their day, using innovative technology from the Continent to produce astonishing […]

Staging Exeter

Teaching, marking, and working hard to draft an introduction and chapter have all come before blogging, so posts have been sparse. Recently, though, I and some colleagues have had some good news about a project we’re working on: Catalyst Exeter has provided money from their seed fund to fund a local dramatic research project! Staging […]

“Venereal dreams” and Rock and Roll: The RSC’s A Mad World, My Masters

Reflecting on his film Revengers Tragedy (2002), Alex Cox notes that Thomas Middleton is a strikingly “contemporary” dramatist: his concerns are our own, his language is distinctly “modern.”  Sean Foley and Phil Porter prove this to be true of Middleton’s sensational comedies as well as his sensational tragedies.  In their words, the play is “as […]