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Not Forgetting Guil: Marshall

Guil. Marshall is born in 1647.  He is the artist formerly known as William. *** Sometime at the beginning of March 1649, one Mumford, a bookbinder and “a poore man living in St. Pulchers Parish” had “taken some…Bookes to bind,” reportedly in order to earn money for his family and his pregnant wife.  Yet, according […]

‘Making religion visible’

Channel 4’s Crucifixion (Easter Sunday 2012) followed the creation of Gunther von Hagen’s controversial artwork: an intricate re-creation of Christ’s crucifixion.  Injecting human bodies with a plastic resin, von Hagen then leaves the corpses to corrode in an acid bath until all that is left is a hardened plastic detail of the human vascular system.  His […]