Monthly Archives: March 2015

The Yellow Dormitory: A 1914 inscription and Robert Herrick’s Hesperides

I was really taken with this inscription in the opening pages of an early 20th-century copy of Herrick’s Hesperides, which I found tucked away in a second-hand bookshop in Rochester. It’s bound in wrinkled leather.  The dedication is dated 7th April 1914–roughly three and a half months before the outbreak of the First World War. Innocence […]

The Ballad of Richard III

Richard III had a funeral procession earlier today, ahead of his reburial on Friday. Here’s a light-hearted poem I wrote after the discovery of his body inspired a million television programmes:   BALLAD OF RICHARD III I come back into this world Again scarce half-made-up, An archaeological secret unfurled In pixels on a laptop.   I won’t soliloquize, or […]