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Not Forgetting Guil: Marshall

Guil. Marshall is born in 1647.  He is the artist formerly known as William. *** Sometime at the beginning of March 1649, one Mumford, a bookbinder and “a poore man living in St. Pulchers Parish” had “taken some…Bookes to bind,” reportedly in order to earn money for his family and his pregnant wife.  Yet, according […]

Of Francis Bacon’s garden and the “local” moral emblem

The essayist, moral philosopher, and statesman Francis Bacon claims that gardens are “the purest of human pleasures” (430).  In the essay “Of Gardens,” he details the varying perfumes of flowers and the planting of trees, “wild vine…violets, strawberries, and primroses.”  Bacon advises the reader of the ideal sizes, division, and shape of a garden, the appropriate […]